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HF Vacuum Wood Drying production line

Capicility: 3-13m³

Production cycle: 45(day)


Product Description

High-frequency vacuum wood dryer is a kind of drying machine with a low temperature in vacuum situation, smaller but much faster than the conventional kilns. It is suitable for all kinds of wood, from veneer/lamina/board to thick lumber, even heavy timber with a large dimension.

For a thin piece like veneer or floorboard lamina, high-frequency vacuum wood drying not only offer a short drying cycle but also eliminates the problem of the curve or shrink. For thick and hardwood, like Merbau, Mahogany, etc. HF wood dryer brings good drying quality with uniform moisture content, free of split or sparks both on the surface and inside of wood, short drying time will meet the customer's demand for production.


The high-frequency electric field is the main power for heating, acting on the wood uniformly. The intensity of the heating depends directly on the moisture content of the wood and the electric field, while the moisture movement depends on the permeability of the wood and internal pressure gradient. In the vacuum situation, the boiling point of water is decreased with decreasing pressure.


Model Tank Diameter Effective Capacity Input Power HF Output Power Frequency Weight
HFVD30-SA 1700mm 3m³ 40KW 30KW 6.78MHz 6T
HFVD45-SA 4.5m³ 7.3T
HFVD60-SA 6m³ 70KW 50KW 8T
HFVD80-SA 8m³ 9.2T
HFVD100-SA 1900mm 10m³ 10T
HFVD120-SA 13m³ 12T

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