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Successful Commissioning Of Shanxi Large Capacity Coal Slime Dryer


Yesterday, good news was returned from the scene of Yulin City, Shanxi Province. The production line of large capacity Coal Slime Dryer produced by Dingli company has been successfully debugged and can be put into production and use for customers at any time.

After the successful installation and commissioning of the Coal Slime Dryer Equipment, the customer gave a high evaluation to the company. The staff of Zhengzhou Dingli fully demonstrated the spirit of serving the customer. The staff said: Customers order our equipment is our trust. We also use this trust as our motivation when we work. Therefore, in order to let our customers use the environmentally-friendly and efficient slime dryer as soon as possible, even if we work overtime, it is worthwhile. We are sincerely happy to install and debug the equipment.

Coal slime Dryer.jpg

Zhengzhou Dingli drying production line belongs to customized production, tailored to customer needs, thus meeting the different needs of each customer. Therefore, it is more targeted, scientific and reasonable, and more rigorous in technical processing.

Shanxi has concentrated a number of Zhengzhou Dingli Coal Slime Drying Production Line projects, and the market reputation is very good, which has received much attention and praise. Therefore, the transaction rate of Zhengzhou Dingli slime drying equipment in this area is very high. This project embodies the two advantages of Zhengzhou Dingli equipment environmental protection and energy saving, and will be a high-quality case of our company's slime drying production line in the later stage.

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