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How much does the pasture dryer cost?


Forage dryer is suitable for hay production of alfalfa grass, green foxtail, oat grass, Pennisetum grass, elephant grass, Timothy grass, ryegrass, green corn straw, etc. It is the product of industrialization and the inevitable requirement. Effectively optimize the supply of grass feed to meet the four seasons of livestock feeding.

The Forage Dryer uses coal (biomass, etc.) as a fuel, and generates a strong hot air through a high-temperature furnace so that the material is in direct contact with the hot air in the drying cylinder to achieve the purpose of drying. The unit includes a hot blast stove, dryer, conveyor, crusher, separator, baler, fan, speed control motor, operation cabinet, etc.

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Dingli Pasture Drying Production Line adopts the form of a drum, which can cut fresh grass with the moisture content of 60%-75% by chopping and smashing-conveying-drying-discharging-packaging (granulation, milling) and maintaining the color of fresh grass. , aroma and nutrients. And with low cost, simple operation, large output, good drying efficiency, and other significant advantages, widely praised by customers. If you have any questions, you can send an email or consult online.

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