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Guizhou large Potato Residue Dewatering Equipment arrived at the installation site


According to the latest news from Dingli's after-sales department, the sweet potato slag dewatering machine sent to Guizhou on August 28 arrived at the production site yesterday afternoon. In this project, our company provides customers with the new large-scale potato residue dewatering equipment. The Dingli Starch Residue Dewatering Machine carries the potato residue (cassava residue, sweet potato residue, potato residue, and other high-humidity materials) with water content as high as 80%-85%. Strong press dehydration. Intelligent operation of the equipment, continuous automatic operation for 24 hours.

Belt dehydrator.jpg

The sweet potato slag dewatering machine is developed and manufactured for the characteristics of high-humidity slag. It adopts belts extrusion structure and can continuously filter a large amount of waste slag. The product is made of high-strength material, with large processing capacity, high dehydration efficiency, and long service life. In addition, the sweet Potato Residue Dewatering Machine is widely used in solid-liquid separation in various industries. Its configured bearing has a long service life and adopts high-quality filter belt to fully ensure the performance and quality of the filter press. In addition to treating potato dregs, it can also process high-humidity solid waste materials such as distiller's grains, bean dregs, coconut shreds, coco peat, sludge, and livestock manure.

Dingli large-scale potato slag dewatering machine arrived at the installation site, our installation engineers will immediately start equipment installation work, let the potato residue dewatering equipment put into production as soon as possible. For more information, you can consult online.

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