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Continuous Coconut Shell Carbonization Production Line

Capicility: 1.5-2.0 t/h

Production cycle: 45(day)


Product Description

Environmental protection continuous type drum carbonization furnace is suitable for woodiness materials which containing carbon (volume below 15mm granular), such as coconut shell, apricot shell, hemp stalk, sawdust, rice husk, bamboo, eucalyptus, mushroom residue, furfural residue, coffee grounds, palm shell, peanut shell, walnut shell. It is the better machine for dry distillation and anaerobic carbonization under high temperature and the carbonization rate is high.

The advanced technology of recovering, purifying and circulating combustion of combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane and produce smoke lead the carbonization process is adopted reasonably. It not only solves the problem that the ordinary carbonization furnace produce smoke lead the environmental pollution, and also solves the problem of heat required, fully achieve the self-sufficient, improves the continuity and economy of the equipment, make full use of agricultural and forestry residues, make it treasure, and make more contributions for the greening of the environment.



The machine is equipped with a biomass gasifier, a flue gas purifier, fans, a self-gas burner, a carbonization furnace, and other equipment.

This machine adopts the double drum carbonization, makes full use of combustible gas, such as carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen, and so on during the carbonization process. It will separate the wood tar and wood acid through the flue gas purification system and then get the pure combustible gas. Then it will full combustion through a self-matching air burner, heating the high-temperature carbonization pipeline (temperature is normally controlled at about 750℃). There are double sleeve popes inside the carbonization machine, the inner tube is the preheating drying pipe, and the outer cylinder is a high-temperature carbonization pipeline. The inner tube pipe is used to dry the material by the waste heat inside the furnace, and the outer tube is also equipped with a combustible gas recovery pipe. The carbonization pipeline carbonized the material under the high temperature and decomposed the combustible gas, such as carbon monoxide, methane, and hydrogen, etc. heating the pipe through the recycling pipe, flue gas purification system and burner, reaching the effect that heating and carbonization in the reciprocating cycle. The primary carbonization ignition source is supplied by the biomass gasifier.


Model Capacity Temperature

Internal Material 

second-level Material
DLTH1612/2 1.5-2.0t/h 2.3m Carbon steel, refractory Stailnless steel, refractory

Product Line Structure

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