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Biomass Dry Distillation Carbonization Furnace

Capacity:  300-1000 KG/8H


Application: suitable to drying


Biomass dry distillation carbonization furnace is Dingli new model products. The machine adopts an advanced thermal dry distillation carbonization technology. It is greatly increase the carbonization rate from 85% to 98%. Which is easily operation, safe and protection environmental, and high production efficiency, which can save a lot of energy. It is the ideal equipment of coal, gas, oil, power plant. More sets of combined distillation carbonization furnace use the hoisting composite structure. It uses the hanging from the cooling method to shorten the production product date. And the efficiency of charcoal production is improved. meanwhile using a unique carbon gas (volatile hydrogen material and tar etc.) back burning technology.


Dingli biomass dry distillation carbonization furnace is composed by carbonization furnace body, furnace cover, inner tank, material cage, combustible gas return pipe, exhaust pipe, flue gas dust removal device, tank lifting device and thermometer. The furnace adopts the principle of anaerobic dry distillation to remove the volatile substances in the biomass, and achieve the purpose of biomass carbonization.

1. The carbonization furnace tank and cage adopts 304 stainless steel. The price will be negotiated additionally.
2. The unit price does not include lifting frame and electric hoist, denominated separately.
3. Carbonization capacity, temperature and time is decided by the material moisture content, density, particle size and carbonized depth (volatile and reserve amount). While adjust the carbonization process parameters or change the raw material, the equipment daily output will be changes.
4. Dingli company is responsible for the client's site planning, process design, equipment installation guidance and training etc.

DLTL-300 300kg/4-6h 1.45m 1.85m Carbon steel, refractory
DLTL-500 500kg/4-8h 1.8m 1.9m Carbon steel, refractory
DLTL-1000 1000kg/5-8h 2.15m 2.2m Carbon steel, refractory

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