Chain Crusher
Capacity:5-25 t/h Power:11*2-37*2 kw Diamention:
Suitable for bulk materials in compound fertilizer.

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Chain crusher suitable for Bulk materials in compound fertilizer. And also widely used in the chemical industry, building materials, and mining, and other industries. The crusher has a high strength wear-resistant hard alloy chain plate with synchronous speed. The design is reasonable, the broken material is uniform, not easy to stick wall, easy to clean. The horizontal chain crusher is composed of a feeding port, a machine body, a feed inlet, a rotor (including a bearing), a transmission device and a shock absorber.

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Model Center distance:(mm) Output:(ton/hour) Feeding size:(mm) Pellet size:(mm) Motor Model Power:(KW) Weight(kg)
DLLP50 400 5~9 <100 The material that size ≤2mm accounting for 70-90% Y132M-4 11×2 1425
DLLP60 600 6~10 <100 Y160M-4 15×2 2100
DLLP70 700 12~16 <120 Y160L-4 18.5×2 3600
DLLP80 800 16~20 <120 Y180M-4 30×2 4500
DLLP100 1000 20~25 <120 Y180L-4 37×2 5400

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