Double-axles Mixer
Capacity:3-25 t/h Power:11-22 kw Diamention:
Widely used in fertilizer, medicine, food, chemicals, feed, ceramics, refractories, etc.

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The double-axles mixer is a new type of equipment based on the traditional mixer. Mainly used in organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, and thermal power plant dust collector. And also can be used for the chemical metallurgy, mining, building materials, and other industries.

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Model Capacity(ton/hour) mixing knife circumgyrating diameter(mm) Center distance of inlet and outlet(mm) center distance of two Shafts(mm) Power(kw) Reducer Model Weight(kg)
SJ4.0 3~8 400 3000 272 11 JZQ400 1650
SJ4.5 5~12 450 3000 320 11 JZQ400 1850
SJ5.0 8~16 500 3000 400 15 JZQ500 1950
SJ5.5 12~20 550 3000 400 15 JZQ550 2200
SJ6.5 15~25 650 3000 460 22 JZQ650 2600

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