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Stirring Tooth Granulator

Capicility: 1-8 ton/hour

Production cycle: 45(day)


Product Description

The new organic fertilizer granulator is made the latest research and development of new organic fertilizer granulator. Also known as stirring tooth pelleting machine, which is widely used in organic fertilizer granulation. Due to the granulating rate, smooth operation, strong and durable, long service life, it is the ideal choice of the customer. Our pellet has Φ 600 and φ800 model. We can also do the development and production of other specifications of the stirring tooth pellet mill according to the customers' requirements. Pelleting machine shell adopts thickening of a seamless steel tube, strong and durable, never deformation. Coupled with the solid base design, make its operation more smoothly.


Wet stirring tooth pellet mill by using high speed rotating mechanical shearing force and the resulting airpower, make the continuous implementation of the fine powder material in the machine mixing, granulating, spheroidizing, density, and other processes, so as to achieve the goal of the granulation.


Model Install angle Capacity Power Input moisture Output size Dimension (mm)
DLJC-60 2°-2.5° 1-1.5t/h 37kw 20%-40% 50 mesh 4100*1600*1150
DLJC-80 2°-2.5° 1.5-2t/h 55kw 20%-40% 50 mesh 4250*1850*1300
DLJC-100 2°-2.5° 2-3t/h 75kw 20%-40% 50 mesh 4700*2350*1600
DLJC-120 2°-2.5° 3-5t/h 90kw 20%-40% 50 mesh 4900*2550*1800
DLJC-150 2°-2.5° 5-8t/h 110kw 20%-40% 50 mesh 5500*2800*2000

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