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The initial fertilizer pellet shapes and size was different in the organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. In order to the fertilizer pellet shape looks beautiful. We found an organic circular machine and compound fertilizer circle machine series threw the circular machine.



This machine is composed of two or more than two cast cylinder in sequence. The material after multiple centrifugal cast round is being exhausted from port discharge, finished product grain size uniform, dense, round and smooth, yield up to 95%.

Particle shaping machine is composed of 1-3 left plate. Each dish has a separate motor drive. Organic fertilizer round machine is in the organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer pelleting machine configuration based on circular gear, make a cylindrical particle to roll into a ball, no returns, the strength is good, beautiful and practical. The equipment is the organic fertilizer (biological) system with the ideal equipment of spherical pelle

Model DLPY-800 DLPY-1000 DLPY-1200 DLPY-1500m
Capacity 1-2 t/h 2-3 t/h 3-5 t/h 5-8 t/h
Power 5.5*2kw 5.5*2kw 7.5*2kw 11*2kw
Diameter 800mm 1000mm 1200mm 1500mm
Dimension 2800×920×1290mm 3100×1020×1390mm 3400×1120×1490mm 3200*1550*1600mm

Case introduction

Cote d'Ivoire organic fertilizer pellet production line has installed and commissioned successfully, formally putting into production. The capacity of this production line is 5t / h.


Installation location:Cote d'Ivoire
Equipment name: Coted d'Ivoire organic fertilizer drying pellet equipment
Production capacity: 5t / h

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