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High humidity materials forming experts zhengzhou Dingli company according to the market demand, company targeted development of material pellet fuel production line equipment, this production line applicable to the wood chips, sawdust, bamboo shavings, wood shavings, barley straw, oat straw, wheat straw, rye, straw, rice straw, sorghum straw, corn stalks, stem drying potato vines, beans, peanut vine and other material of moisture content is 35-65%.
According to the material of characteristic, production capacity, applying requirement, cost control, operating convenience of each biomass materials, our company optimizes the drying technology. Recommended products: three-layer rotary drum dryer, patent number: ZL2009 2 0089749.2. This equipment is a large processing line. This dryer has a high efficiency, energy saving, and small floor space. Compared with other dryer machines, it saves energy by 30%-50%, thus maximum saving energy and drying cost.


The crushed materials of which the moisture is about 35%-65% are sent into the roller by conveyor to realize downstream drying. Under the effect of inner shoveling plate, materials are took and scattered constantly, and move in spiral forward method. Through three layers (inner, middle and outer layer), heat exchange are realized between material and hot air medium.

1. It can realize intelligent control, one-touch operation, automatic operating parameter control. The dryer stays at the best operating status all the time, thus guaranteeing that the dried material is of stable moisture and bright color.
2. It eliminates the sundries and iron automatically, ensuring that the dried sawdust will not enter into next process.
3. The self heat preservation heat efficiency of the cylinder reaches up to 70% (the heat efficiency of traditional single drum dryer is only 35%), which improves the heat efficiency by 30% at least.
4. It adopts four-wheel driving which is more stable and reliable.
5. Compared with single drum dryer, i t reduces floor space by 50%, decreases civil engineering investments by 50%, which is more energy-saving.
6. The inner structure of dryer uses multiple efficient lifting plates combined mode, thus controlling the drying process and heat distribution effectively. High heat use ratio, the discharged off-gas temperature is lower than 50℃.
7. It controls the material flow by frequency control. Users can adjust the required final moisture index easily based on requirement.
8. Modularized dust collecting-purifying heat recycle use allocation, safe and environmental.
9. It can be matched with a few new type hot blast stove. Efficient and energy-saving, controllable heat supply, simple operation. The energy consumption decline reaches up to 30 %, power consumption decreases by 20 %, the operating cost is lower.

Model DLSG2010/3 DLSG2210/3 DLSG2510/3 DLSG2512/3 DLSG2912/3
Daily Capacity(ton/day) 62.5 70.5 83.5 108.0 120.0
Evaporation Capacity(ton/hr.) 1.35 1.44 1.76 2.10 2.50
Initial Moisture(%) 60±5%
Final Moisture(%) 12-15%(adjustable)
Drying Temperature(℃) 250±30℃
Total Installed Power(Kw) 78 85 110 125 135
Total Weight(kg) 25000 27000 35000 38000 43500
Cover Area(m²) 8m*18m 8m*18m 10m*18m 10m*22m 10m*25m

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