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Stamping Type Biomass Briquette Machine

Capicility: 0.8-2.2 T/H

Production cycle: 45(day)


Product Description

The raw material should be dried by the dryer (The moisture content is about 15%) → Feed into briquette machine → High temperature and high pressure, curing, stamping forming → Cooling → Package → Leave the factory.


The main motor is driven by the eccentric wheel to move 280 times per minute. The screw feeding machine starts to feeding the raw material, then the raw material will feed into the briquette machine of the feeding box by the dealer, and then will into the press room by the screw delivery from the left and right sides. The raw material will be pressed by the punch and mold, then heating-up and soften, and the volume is smaller.


Model ZB1000 ZB2000
Diameter of Pellet (mm) 8、10、20、30、40、50、55、60、65、70、85
CAPACITY (ton/hr.) 0.8-1.2 1.6-2.2
Product Density (g/cm3) 1.0-1.3
Main Motor Power (Kw) 45 75
Auxiliary Motor Power (Kw) 15 21
Weight (Kg) 8000 13000
Overall Dimensions (mm) L3400*W2000*H1800 L4500*W2000*H2000

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General heat source

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use various of dust collectors to meet local environmental standards

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