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Compressed Wood Pallet Making Machine

Capicility: 150-180pcs/day (24 hours)

Production cycle: 45(day)


Product Description

To the wooden molded industrial pallet, the raw materials can be wood chips, straw, etc., which is the overall structure, panel and 9 support feet once mold shaped. The upper surface of the pallet plate is smooth, can meet the transport of various goods, the under surface uses stiffener. Plate longitudinal and horizontal force is balance, nine foot distribution to meet the forklift four-way insert. It is a four-way fork in, single-sided pallet.


1. Abandon the assembled framework hydraulic old traditional press machine, because for a long term using, the problems of guide instability in process of pressing, inaccurate pressing of the upper mold and lower mold and deformation of the framework, come out with the framework press machine in long-term high pressure and high temperature.

2. We adopt the 3 beam Four-Column Guide Device structure, which solved the problems of guide instability and the deformation of the framework.

3. We adopt the design of crossbeam, which solved the problem of press inaccuracy of the upper and lower mold.

4. With Pallet Machinery’s new technology, problems of the edge burrs have been completely solved. Workers operate grinders to remove burrs, which has become history.


The crushed wood chips or straw were dried at 300-450 ℃ for 3 min, the heat treatment time was 30min, the water in the material was removed, then mixed with the thermosetting resin, and molded at 220 ℃. The pressure was 1400psi or 98kg / cm3. In this process, the internal temperature of the pallet reaches 105 ° C and the internal temperature of the pallet is maintained above 56 ° C for more than 30 minutes and the final moisture content of the product is not more than 9%.

The entire production process is carried out at high temperatures and pressures, killing any insects and microorganisms that remain in the material, and at the same time preventing the re-intrusion and propagation of any other insects due to the high density of the wood pallets produced. This kind of molded product is the latest "artificial wood packaging material" rather than the traditional "solid wood packaging materials", its products no longer need to pest control, the product does not have any live insects and microorganisms, in line with ISPM15 (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures 15 ) requirements for Wood Packaging Products.


Model PM-1000
Voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase
Capacity 150-180pcs/day(24 hours)
Power 18.5kw
Hydraulic cylinder diameter 450mm
Hydraulic cylinder quantity 4 pcs
Pressure Max 1000T (adjustable)
Pressing heal cycle 35s
Shaping cycle 450s
Weight 22T
Dimension 2000*1400*3500mm

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