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Dingli product’s highlight cases in West Asia


"Dingli Brand" has five production lines installed in Israel, Jordan and other countries. Let’s talk about Israel’s equipment first. Dingli Group sold to Israel sawdust drying production line, which has Dingli’s independent intellectual property rights and a dozen of the invention patents’ equipment.

Jordan ordered the chicken waste processing equipment whose processing raw material is 5 tons/h. It’s cost-effective is high, customers are very satisfied. Recently, Jordan customers made a phone call to us, they not only themselves want to order the second phase of the project, but also introduced the other two customers. What’s more, they will not come to Dingli for inspection and directly sign contract.

After Kazakhstan ordered Dingli’s beet slag drying production line, this year the customer ordered beet slag drying production line again whose daily capacity is 600 tons. Currently, its single machine’s capacity is largest in Kazakhstan.

The following picture is our drying equipment’s highlight cases in West Asia:


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