Dingli brewer's grain dehydration machine exports to Singapore

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Brewer's grain dehydration machine is an indispensable link in the brewer's grain feed system. Due to the high moisture content of brewer's grain, it consumes a large amount of heat during the drying process. A portion of brewer's grain’s free moisture is pre-removed by the brewer's grain dehydration machine, it will reduce the energy consumption of the drying cycle, greatly reduce the burden on the dryer, what’s more, the capacity will greatly increased. Brewer's grain dehydration machine is our patented product, quality has assurance.

Brewer's grain dehydration equipment is the company's patented hot selling equipment,it can be widely used in the dehydration before drying high moisture residue raw materials. It can help customers to achieve brewer's waste secondary processing in the resource-intensive modern industrial production, equipment efficiency is high, operation is smooth, investment costs are low.

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