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Congratulations for Guangdong corn distiller dryer finished installation


  Corn distiller is the trade name of distiller's grain protein feed. In the process of fermenting ethanol from corn, the starch is converted into ethanol and carbon dioxide, and other nutrients such as protein, fat and fiber are left in the distiller. At the same time, due to the action of microorganisms, the content of protein, B vitamins and amino acids in distiller's grains is increased compared with corn, and contains unknown growth-promoting factors produced during fermentation.

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  Dingli is a professional manufacturer of large-scale corn distiller drying equipment, and cooperates with Guangdong customers in large-scale corn distiller drying treatment project. At present, it has been finished installed. This corn distiller drying treatment equipment adopts large-scale harmless, resource-based and integrated treatment technology, which can promote  recycling of corn distiller resources and turn waste into treasure. The added value of processed products is high,  increasing customers’ revenue.

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