Inner Mongolia coal slime drying equipment is in hot installation

Time: 2018-08-29 Author: Dingli Group

  In June, our company and Inner Mongolia customers cooperated on coal slime drying line again. And there are many coal slime drying production lines of our company. Coal slime dryer production line carefully built by Dingli for Inner Mongolia customers, which is currently being installed. The model of coal slime dryer can be customized according to customer's production requirements to suit production task. After drying, the moisture of coal slime is less than 15%, which effectively improves utilization of low-order resources and gives customers a second benefit.


  The customer’s company is a well-known local coal company. The company integrates coal, coal chemical, electric power, gas and other industries. The company is committed to providing best quality coal to customers around the world. It has become a leader in the coal industry for many years.

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