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Cassava residue drying equipment


During the processing of starch in cassava, a large amount of cassava residue is produced. The cassava residue is rich in fiber, semi-fiber, starch and protein, amino acid, fat, sugar and various vitamins. It can be used as a feed material application. The cassava slag drying equipment plays an important role in the utilization of cassava slag. The following is a detailed introduction.


Cassava slag is a kind of high-humidity material, which can be used for feed, industrial materials, storage, etc. It is necessary to dehydrate or dry the potato dregs to a certain extent, but it is not feasible to use the thermal energy or mechanical methods to dehydrate the potato dregs. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a professional cassava slag drying equipment to dry it to a certain extent for easy use. Zhengzhou Dingli's cassava slag drying equipment is developed for the characteristics of cassava and potato slag raw materials, and after several sets of dryer production practices, it can dry all kinds of potato slag to less than 12% at one time. The equipment adopts the technology of “mechanical dewatering + drum drying + pulse airflow” of Dingli Company, which effectively solves the problem that the traditional dryer can not dry cassava and potato slag. The dried materials have good color, good quality and energy saving in the production line. Environmentally safe and stable operation, praised by new and old customers.

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