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Analysis of Influence of Raw Coal Drier Material Selection on Production Line Efficiency


Factors affecting the raw coal drying efficiency It is believed that many people have a certain understanding. Some customers will choose their own raw materials for processing. What impact will these choices have on the efficiency of the production line?


Raw coal dryer selection is generally the use of steel, steel quality has a direct impact on the quality of the raw coal dryer in the production line, if the quality of the drying raw coal machinery is not up to the requirements of customer efficiency, and the use of such equipment Short life, this is from the aspect of the quality of steel, in addition to the raw coal drying production line, the number of steel plates is also a number of sophisticated, not the more the number of plates is better. Replacement of raw coal dryer steel plate, because the steel plate is in direct contact with the material, while the protection of the wall while its own impact and abrasion intensity, and directly affect the drying efficiency of the material, so this is the raw coal dryer selection And use points that need attention.

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