Straw dryers affected by uneven drying and wet straw material

Time: 2019-01-22 Author: Dingli Group

Straw dryer must pay attention to the looseness of the material and the balanced water content when drying the straw. That is, it should pay attention to the uniform dryness and humidity of the input material.


If the materials fed into the straw dryer equipment are not uniform, the material agglomeration phenomenon caused by the mixing of the wet and dry materials or the low working environment may be avoided by pulverizing the material before it is put into the equipment. The coal slime materials of the group are sent to the dryer for drying after being shredded. In the specific operation flow, the production process of the dryer must be strictly performed and the finished product quality and internal working environment in the equipment production must be carried out. Conduct frequent inspections to adjust the factors affecting the quality of the finished product in a timely manner to ensure that the production is carried out in a stable environment, so that the material achieves the desired drying effect to obtain high-quality, high-volume finished products. Welcome customers who are interested in new straw dryer equipment.

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