Introduction of safe production of dregs dryer

Time: 2019-01-24 Author: Dingli Group

The safety issue of the dregs drying line is very important. Today, the author shared the issue of safe production of the dregs dryer.


The correctness of the installation and design of the dregs drying line itself is a prerequisite for the normal operation of the equipment. In general, manufacturers will perform installation and commissioning. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the dregs drying line is performed under the correct operation. Improper operation is not only It may cause malfunctions and may also cause safety hazards. Therefore, the author suggests that the operator should operate the equipment correctly in accordance with the instructions for use. In the course of use or when it is used for a long time, looseness, falling off or breaking of the belt may occur. The wearing or damage of these spare parts will also cause certain safety hazards. For some safety problems in emergencies, such as sudden power failure or fire, operators should make emergency response as soon as possible to avoid more serious consequences. After making corresponding treatment, we should investigate the causes as soon as possible to avoid more serious losses.

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