The judgement and adjustment of the ventilation of the dregs dryer

Time: 2019-01-28 Author: Dingli Group

For the ventilation of the tail discharge part of the dregs dryer, it is best to use our hands to judge, first we wet the hands, and then reach out to the outlet. In this way, if the water on the hand is evaporated in a few minutes, the ventilation is good, otherwise the ventilation is not good, it needs to be adjusted. Adjustment method: adjust the air brake of the slag drying machine: control the ventilation volume, ventilation volume, reduce the wind gate, ventilation volume is small, improve the air brake.


The adjustment of cold and hot air is realized by changing the curve of the wind network, but the control system of the cold and hot air is different. The air volume of the hot air is adjusted by the wind net on the slag dryer; the air volume of the cold air is adjusted by the frequency converter to change the speed of the fan by installing the cold wind fan. The throttle valve installed on the slag dryer is adjusted to change the opening of the throttle valve so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the air volume of the slag dryer.

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