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Dingli Brand Special Drying Machine for Cassava Dregs and Potato Residue has been recognized by customers


Cassava pulp, potato residue is the main by-products of the production of starch, alcohol residue, moisture content is about 80%, as for high moisture content, heavy viscosity, with the traditional drying process equipment, drying temperature is high, slag starch Gelatinization chemical reaction, dextrin clogging material particles pores, water evaporation does not come out, the particles surface turned yellowish black, "outside the coke within the soft", a serious impact on the sale of dry residue; drying temperature is low, t the moisture cannot drying below 15 % at all, dryer sticky wall, gelatinization, agglomeration, drying equipment can not do normal production,this will lead to the impaired interest of the customers.

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Dingli brand Starch Slag Dryer is based on the research and development for characteristics of raw material such as cassava, potato slag, and after a few sets of dryer producing experience, which can drying all kinds of potato residue below 12% in one time. The Special Drying Equipment for Cassava Pulp and Potato Residue used by the company's "mechanical dehydration + drum drying + pulse air drying " special chinese patent technology, an effective solution to the traditional dryer which can not dry cassava, potato residue problems, drying material with perfect color, good quality, production line of energy saving and environmental protection ,with safe and stable operation,which praised by many new and old customers.

Dingli Special Starch Slag Dewatering and Drying Production Line specifications and models are diverse, suitable for a variety of starch slag, can solve the problem of starch starch slag treatment, etc., to treat it and use it to make feed for the enterprise to create secondary benefits, currently in the industry Dingli starch residue dewatering and drying production line is applied in many projects, and the finished material is recognized by the cooperative customers.

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