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Some maintenance tips about Cassava Dregs Dryer


Potato dregs (cassava slag, sweet potato slag, potato slag, etc.) are by-products of starch plants, alcohol plants, etc., containing intrinsic moisture and high viscosity, which tend to stick to walls, agglomerate, and block during the traditional drying process. The drying equipment cannot be produced normally, and the user's interests are damaged. Zhengzhou Dingli's “Dried Potato Dreg Dryer” can dry all kinds of potato dregs with high water content to less than 12% at a time. The dried materials have good color, good quality, energy-saving, and environmental protection, and are well received by new and old customers.

The Cassava Residue Drying Production Line is mainly composed of a heat supply source, a feeder, a rotary drum, a discharge machine, an induced draft fan, a discharger, and a power distribution cabinet.

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In order not to affect the service life of the Potato Dregs Dryer Equipment, it is necessary to perform necessary maintenance on the equipment regularly:

1. The dryer equipment is connected to the power supply to check whether the voltage and the instrument are normal.

2. When the operation is completed, first stop the heating device, stop the gas engine operation, and stop the operation of the blower and the exhaust fan when the temperature drops below 100 degrees Celsius.

3. Clean the remaining material in the fuselage, turn off the dust collector, and finally turn off the power.

4. The link between the bearing and the seal part firm and the lubricant condition of the various parts of the dryer and the position of the valve port is in the desired position.

5. In case of sudden power failure, the heat source should be turned off first to make the machine cool naturally.

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