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How to desalinate coco peat,How much is the Coir Pith Dryer?


Coconut coir dryer is the main machinery and equipment exported by Zhengzhou Dingli to India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. Due to the favorable price of the dryer, stable performance, safe and efficient drying, and good sales in Southeast Asian countries, the company directly exports or supplies cooperate with quality exporters and export high-quality Coco Peat Drying Production Line.

coco peat dryer

Coco peat is a coconut shell fiber powder that is a processed coconut by-product or waste. The processed coco peat is very suitable for cultivating plants and is currently a popular horticultural medium. Widely used worldwide, it is a natural and environmentally friendly product that developed countries are committed to promoting. The coco peat is compressed, the storage space is small, and it is easy to transport, which greatly reduces the cost of storage and transportation. Therefore, the market prospect of the Coconut Coir dryer  is considerable and has great demand.

Coco peat is more prolific in Southeast Asian countries. Zhengzhou Dingli has launched a coconut coir dewatering machine, coconut peat rotary dryer, and output drying technology to expand the overseas market and promote the high-quality development of the local coco peat economy. Detailed information can be consulted online.

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