Cambodia delegation visited Dingli

Time: 2019-09-21 Author: Dingli Group

A group of Cambodia delegation visited Dingli on 12th Sep. 2019. They are from the Cambodia Energy and Mining Department. They are interested in the cooperation between China and Cambodia. Under the Chinese government policy “ one belt one road”, China has been built much communication with overseas countries. Dingli is specialized in manufacturing different kinds of drying plant such as the biomass drying, the Sand Drying Plant and other mining products drying, etc. The Cambodia delegation visited our workshop and see the video of our running plant in foreign countries. They are satisfied with the communication activity in Dingli Group.

Cambodia visited Dingli

Sand dryer is also known as the three layers of drum dryer, Three Cylinder Drum Dryer, on the basis of the single cylinder dryer, developed and manufactured, which is an industrial dryer on non-viscous, liquid material. At present three-cylinder dryer made by Dingli company, with mature technology, through the drying of the sand, fly ash, coal, mineral materials, slag and other material, the effect is very good. Dingli sand dryer is made of alloy steel plate manufacturing, the wear-resisting 3-4 times of ordinary steel, the service life of the equipment is more than 10 years. The sand dryer thermal efficiency is as high as 80%, at the same time, the total power is low, 40% energy saving. The sand dryer covers an area of about 40% lower than single drum dryer and civil investment reduced by about 50%.No air leakage phenomenon, solved the sealing difficulties, modular units, installation is convenient.

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