Romania Wood Sawdust Drying Production Line put into production

Time: 2019-10-23 Author: Dingli Group

With the continuous completion of domestic projects, the projects of Dingli in foreign countries have also been completed. According to the Romania customer's demand, Dingli has configured a complete Biomass Pellet Production Line,  the main modules including crushing, drying, granulating, cooling and packaging. At present, the wood chip drying project has been completed and installed, and the equipment has been officially put into production, the customer is very satisfied with the final products.

sawdust dryer.jpg

A complete pellet plant may include the following equipment: the pellet mill, hammer mill, log chipper, dryer, cooler, packing machine, conveyors, screening system, dust removing system, silos, fan, etc. Depending on the raw materials, different crushing equipment can be selected, such as chipper, hammer mill, etc., and due to granulation requirements, you can choose flat die granulator, horizontal ring die granulator or vertical ring molding granulator. Dingli also has a professional dryer for drying different materials, including pasture dryer, straw dryer, Wood Chip Dryer, etc. Depending on the customer's requirements for production, multiple granulator combinations can be used to achieve the required output.

sawdust dryer.jpg

At present, Dingli Sawdust Drying Production Line has been exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Morocco, Russia, and other countries to realize the energy utilization of wood chip biomass. For more details, you can consult online or email us, each type of machine has multiple models for your choice.

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