Indian customers successfully signed the sand dryer

Time: 2019-12-06 Author: Dingli Group

Our Indian customers signed the Sand Rotary Dryer with us on 18th Nov. 2019. This is the first cooperation of the sand dryer in the Indian market, they will have 5 sand drying projects, this is just one of them, this explores great sand drying industry market in India, both sides hope long and good cooperation in the future.

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The sand is conveyed to silo by belt conveyor or bucket elevator, and transport to the feed end by the feeder of the silo. The inclination of the feeding pipeline should exceed the natural inclination of materials so that to facilitate sand flowing into the dryer smoothly. The rotating cylinder of the dryer is slightly inclined to the horizon. To feed the material from the higher end and the heat carrier enter from the lower end, such produce adverse contact between them  sometimes, they can be fed to the cylinder together. As the cylinder running, the sand carried to the lower side by gravity. In the process of moving forward, the wet raw material being roasted by the heat directly or indirectly to make the raw material to dry quickly, the final products discharge out by belt conveyor or screw conveyor. There is a shoveling plate installed in the Sand Dryer with the function of shoveling the materials up and down, to enlarge the contact area between airflow and materials and to enhance the efficiency and make the material running quickly. The heat carrier is hot air, the flue gas, etc. After the dryer process, It needs a cyclone dust collector to catch the items in the airflow. You should use bag type or wet-type dust collector and afterward discharge the waste gas if you intend to further reduce the dust load of the exhaust.

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