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Belt Dehydrator

Capicility: 4000~22000kg/h

Production cycle: 45(day)


Product Description

DL Series Belt dehydrator (belt filter press) is a new type of dehydration device which is developed for many years aiming at the property of brewer's grains of the brewery. It successfully absorbs the advanced technology of the filter press at home and abroad. It is particularly suitable for the dehydration of wheat brewer's grains, distiller's grains, sauce residues, starch pulp, bean dregs, cassava dregs, sludge, and others.

It has the following traits: continuous production, good dehydrated effect, low power consumption, low noise, convenient operation, and maintenance. its dewatering effect ranks the country's leading level. Belt dehydrator mainly consists of the Main body (distiller’s grains dehydrator), air compressor, air processor, electric control device, net-washing water filter. The main body is composed of frame, hopper, filter mesh, tensioning device, adjusting device, driving systems, scraper, all kinds of bearing and rollers, wastewater tanks, net-washing devices. The diagram is as follows:


This dehydrator product works through appropriate preprocessing, gravity dehydration and mechanical dehydration, removing the moisture and discharge the processed materials as a filter cake. In the process of filter processing, wet materials on the belt past the gravity dehydration zone and belt roller dehydration zone, where they are quickly dehydrated. The shortening and decreasing contact angle ensure the best combination of pressure and shear.


Model Belt width (mm) Effective belt area(㎡) Capacity(m³/h) Raw material moisture content(%) Belt Moving Rate (m/min) Motor Power(KW) Water Flow Rate (m³/h) Weight (kg) Size(mm)(L×W×H)
DLDT1000 1000 26.9 3--6   66-88 non-stage adjusting,common working rate is 1.3-8.5 3 6--8 3600 5150X1826X2650
DLDT1500 1500 40.4 4--10 4 8--12 4700 5150X2326X2650
DLDT2000 2000 53.8 6--15 4 12--18 5800 5150X2826X2650
DLDT2500 2500 67.3 9--18 5.5 18—22 4250 5150X3326X2650

Successful Case

Indian Coconut Peat Dehydration Project Case
Yunnan Beer Spent Grain Dewatering Machine Project Case
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