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Screw Dehydrator

Capicility: 40~200t/h

Production cycle: 45(day)


Product Description

Screw dehydrators can be widely used for the dehydration process of high-moisture materials, such as vinasse, wood powder, pomace, medical residue, cassava dregs, beer spent grain, food waste, etc. This kind of dehydrator could take off 20% to 25% moisture of the wet materials, lower the energy cost and reduce the duty of BSG dryers, which can significantly increase the output. The output can be directly delivered into the dry equipment, greatly lower the energy consumption for the following process. 


The screw dehydrator is consists of a feeding box, conical screw, water filter, filter cage, frame, adjustable-speed motor, rate reducer, gearbox, and other parts. It has the characterization of high strength, high bearing pressure, non-deformation, non-jam, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, non-skid, easy maintenance and long service life. At the working state, wet materials are dropped into the feeding box at a steady rate and then pushed to discharge end by screw rotor blades dewatering. Under the strong extrusion force of screw and dumper regulator, wet materials complete the process of mechanical dehydration.  Moisture is taken away when going through the screening mesh and exhausted at the gas discharge outlet. The dry materials are collected at the product discharge outlet. For the best balance of drying effect and output, it is applicable for customers to change the operating parameters according to the property of materials and required output.


Model Power (kw) Rotation Speed (r/min) Weight(t) Capacity(t/h ) Cover Area(m³)
LXT250 7.5 125--1250 0.75 40 2.1
LXT300 11 1.1 70 2.1
LXT350 11 1.5 90 2.1
LXT400 15 2.0 120 5.0
LXT450 15 3.5 160 5.0
LXT500 18.5 5.0 200 5.0

Successful Case

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